It's awesome.

We built a brand new gym in Northern Liberties and outfitted it with the best equipment on the planet. Get ready to be awed.


A collection of barbells, plates and platforms unmatched in Philly — from lightweight to world-class.


The best aerobic machines on earth. No kidding.

Private Changing Rooms

Private changing rooms because — well, isn’t that better?


Each machine has its own cleaning supplies. Because cleanliness is important.

The Training Station

The Training Station has a brand new facility. It is redefining the meaning of the word “gym.” Owner Phil Clark, fitness guru/Olympian trainer who appears regularly as a health consultant on 6ABC and in the Inquirer, went about designing the ideal training facility. Ideal for folks at all levels of training, it includes an indoor track, some of the best equipment on Earth, and exclusive, small group fitness classes — Barre, Yoga, and Cycling (“Spin”). Trainers have been hand selected and are amongst the best in Philly. Take a look at the photographs, check out the 360° virtual tours, then, at the bottom, read through the highlights of our new equipment. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Take a 360° look around.

Take a quick glances using the images below or click the links under each photosphere to view full screen high-quality Google photo spheres!

Equipment Details



There is no piece of strength equipment that I am more excited to introduce than our 2 weightlifting platforms. I designed them myself. I researched their construction for months, and consulted three different acoustical firms. These bad-boys are massive and majestic. They rise 12 inches above the floor. They are 6.5 feet by 10′. They weigh almost 1 ton each! So, what’s the point of doing all of this, when I could have easily bought platforms for a fraction of the cost? Because these platforms isolate vibrations. You can now release barbells in The Training Station. Weightlifters rejoice!


I have always been proud of our collection of barbells, because the collection is unmatched in Philly. And now the lineup is even better than it already was:

IPF Training bars:

IWF Olympic Lifting Bars for Men and Women:

Safety Squat Bar:

Trap Bar:

EZ Curl bars, a 5′ bar and a 6′ bar.

Barbell accessories:

MostFit SYN Rings–

Fat Gripz–

Lifting chains–


We have an equally great collection of plates:

Hampton Urethane plates–

York Rubber plates–

York Thin Line plates–

Pairs of kettle bells, from 5 to 71 pounds

Fixed dumbbells from 5-100 pounds; super-heavy dumbbells starting at 115 pounds


We have the best power racks and benches I have seen:

Tuff Stuff customized our Olympic Benches–they are beastly:



Monkey Bars–

Power Sandbag–

Power Sled–

Agility Ladder–


Myo-release Balls–

Slam Balls–

Stroops Deluxe Plyoboxes –

Vita Vibe Fit Barre

Premium Slide Board

Ab Straps

HumanX Weight Vest

Physician bodyweight scale

Lifting belts

Lots of different foam rollers


Yoga mats, blankets, blocks and strapsExercise tubes

Exercise bands

Chalk stand

Exercise mats

Stability Balls

Medicine balls

Jump ropes



“Selectorized” is a fancy name for machines that allow you to use a steel pin to select–from a stack of rectangular plates–the weight that you want to lift. When I was a teenage athlete, I remember the day that our coach took us to a physical therapy center that would eventually become Nova Care. It was owned and operated by a guy named Pat Croce. His clinic was famous for training and rehabilitating athletes. Croce’s place had the best of the best equipment, for the very best athletes in Philadelphia. He had Cybex machines. Cybex was the best 30 years ago, and they’re the best now. We have:


The Cybex Bravo functional trainer became so popular that there was a line to use it.


Here are some new versions of some Training Station classics:

Glute-Ham Raise–

45 Degree back extension–

Ab Coaster–


Calf Machine: I didn’t like our last calf machine that much, so we’re going to give this one a try, it looks promising:

Leg Press: A new piece that I never had, because I don’t like them, but it has been requested many times over the years, so here you go.




The old treadmills were fast–running a 4-minute mile. These new treadmills run a 3:51 mile (28″ 200m, 14″ 100m). Only 13 people ran a faster mile last year. These treadmills are so rare that the equipment vendor couldn’t take me to any gyms that have them–and the equipment sells more equipment than anybody else in North America.


The Cybex ARC Trainer is the best piece of aerobic equipment on earth.


The Octane Ellipticals are the the best elliptical machines on earth

The Octane Lateral X is an elliptical that also offers side-to-side movement. It’s best in class.


The world’s best-selling and most revered row machine.



This old-school fan bike is making a comeback, and it’s the best in the world:

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